Event & Campaign Design

Art Designer

Direct/design event branding to support Chamber’s 130+ events/year.

Produce trading and related materials including: digital & social media graphics, print advertising & signs, reports, programs, presentations, video signs & promotions, event collateral (tickets, attendee badges, etc.)

Coordinate messaging and event mission, determine media needs.

Plan all creative projects and deliverables in Communications & Marketing department. Liaise with Sr. Dir. Communications and Marketing and coordinate strategies and deadlines with department/project leads

Print Design

Series Branding

Part of the Chamber’s 130 events/year programming involves series of events within a theme. This gallery demonstrates how those events have been modularly created to present a fresh singular event while maintaining cohesive branding.


Tampa Bay Chamber


Sr. Director, Communications & Marketing – Branding, marketing and planning support

Department heads and event leads – planning and branding coordination

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